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Access Your Work Computer Remotely

Remote access software review
By Catherine Roseberry,

Mobile professionals must have the means to remotely access their work (in office) computer with minimal fuss and which can be installed and set up by themselves. Frequent long distance travelers don’t need the expense or hassle of relying on their tech people to talk them through remote access installations.

Before considering and deciding upon a method of remote access, there are some important considerations to keep in mind which can determine the remote access software which will be best for your needs.

Top 10 Remote Work Myths & Realities

Remote access software review

So many people, especially those in management positions have false ideas about remote work and what it involves. Learning to distinguish reality from the myths will help enable and empower more companies to implement remote work programs. Working remotely requires mobile professionals not to buy into the myths, and instead promote the reality and potential that remote work arrangements can provide. Discover the myths of remote work and how to prevent them from becoming reality.

Remote Administration: Big Brother Or Front-Line Tool?

Remote access software review
By Anton Levchuk

June 2007


It’s difficult for the IT industry to avoid charges of Big Brother-ism.  After all, George Orwell’s original creation, in Nineteen Eighty-Four, uses technology as a form of social control.  If you type Big Brother into Google, the stories are almost always linked to some form of technology innovation – unless they’re about racist housemates in the latest edition of the famous TV show.


So any technology that goes under the name of remote control is bound to raise eyebrows at the very least.


Fortunately, it is also known as the more benign ‘remote administration,’ which is a far more accurate representation of what this remote access software does.  Remote control is not about an Orwellian dystopia of mindless automata under the control of an all-seeing entity.  Instead it simply, and far more innocently, enables IT administrators and helpdesks to operate far more efficiently and effectively.


Remote Access Software for Home and Business: The Present and the Future

Remote access software review
By Dmitry Znosko
August 2007

More and more employees today choose distant work without the need to leave home. According to statistical investigations, every third employee in Europe and the USA works remotely and the performance of remote workers is nearly 25% higher, than of those who have to visit the office every day.

Among remote workers there are translators, journalists, programmers and IT-specialists. The specialist can either do one part of his job in the office and another at home or work only from home if necessary.

The number of remote access software free and commercial is rather broad today. One of commercial systems system is Radmin (, produced by Russian company Famatech (Moscow). Radmin has been on the market since 1999 and has a stable reputation of the fastest and the most secure remote access software. In the beginning of February, Famatech released its innovative Radmin 3.0 version, first to be compatible with Windows Vista and contains a great number of innovations including the DST™ video capture driver with a digital signature from Microsoft; voice and text chat; as well as being a Military-grade security system.



Reflections about CBP and remote access…

 By Teddy Bennett

Surfing the net and looking for some news about remote access technology I found interesting information about the Department of Homeland Security rights. I’m talking about CBP (Customs and Borders Protection) and especially about laptop searches.